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At Focal Fitness our goal is to inspire people to change their lives by becoming passionate about their health, having a positive attitude, and implementing fitness into their everyday lives.

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Andrew Abernathy

Andrew Abernathy

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Rich Brown

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Will Nollenbergert

The difference between who you are and who you want to become is what you do!

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People are saying...

I was encouraged to workout with Andrew by a friend. Honestly, I thought….why? I already took aerobic classes and worked out, and I didn’t want to pay the extra money. What would be the difference? The difference was: Andrew changed the way I thought about working out, he changed my body, he gave my self-confidence a boost, and he became a great friend! I know, it is hard to be friends with your trainer, however, Andrew was different. I respected him for what he was doing for me, and he respected me as his client. I am not going to lie, it is tough but if you are in the right frame of mind and want to change your physique, change your attitude, and live longer, then working out with Andrew is a MUST!


Almost 4 years ago, while at an orthodontic conference in Palm Springs, CA. I met an owner of a software firm from Chicago by chance. He recognized me as a “wannabe” fitness buff as I had been out for a morning run. He introduced me to a fitness regimen called “SuperSlow.” I returned from California and began my search. Fortunately, I found an instructor very close by. My plan was to “try it” for a few months and then simply do it and go on my own. Rich Brown, my trainer, easily demonstrated to me over the past 4 years of the incredible benefits of the technique but, more importantly, the role a professional trainer provides. Measurable results are a 10 pound weight loss over a 3 year span (my weight is about 140 and that never a goal but a byproduct.), increased faster 10k times, and appreciably better up hill running. Time management is part of my DNA and the efficiency Rich provides in the training session is amazing. Anyone who places a high value on health and efficiency will find this to be beyond belief. And, Rich is not too bad of a guy either; although during the session one wonders, “And I’m paying good money for this!”


I contacted Andrew after several weeks of Physical Therapy following a lower back injury. We have been working on a program to strengthen my back for support and relieve pain. We have been together now for 8 months and I can say I enjoy more hours everyday without pain than I have enjoyed for years. My travel schedule is very hectic and Andrew has been very flexible with my appointments. He has encouraged me and given me ideas to utilize my home exercise program to support our efforts in the gym. Andrew has a personality that makes the workout flow smoothly. I look forward to each session and the results I continue to see and feel.


I have been participating in the Super slow program with Andrew now for 6 years and prior to him I was involved in Super slow for another 4 years. This has been throughout my 40’s when maintaining your muscle mass gets harder and harder with each passing birthday. Just going one day a week has enabled me to maintain and keep muscle tone. Andrew is a great instructor. He is patient but knows when you need to be pushed a little harder. I would recommend that you get started in a program with him now. You won’t be sorry and you’ll look and feel better.


Andrew is always positive, always glad to work with you, and always takes your body to the max each session. I look forward to each workout (even though my body doesn't, sometimes). Good job, Andrew. You're awesome!


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